Beating Google

Beating Google And All There BS


Many Online Marketers Viewed Their Services Vanish Over Night When Google Determined To Penalize Supposed “Material Ranches”.

Numerous online marketers viewed their services vanish over night when Google determined to penalize supposed “material ranches”. There’s a company design that is “Google-Proof” that you may really want to think about if you have not currently. No issue what Google chooses to do, your service will not endure. Some will certainly have e-mail listings, some will certainly make use of paid advertising, some will certainly utilize video clips, as well as some will certainly utilize social advertising and marketing.

A Google-Proof Business Model

Many marketers saw their businesses disappear overnight when Google decided to punish so-called “content farms”. Sites like HubPages, Squidoo, and even Ezine Articles lost their rankings overnight, and marketers went into panic mode.

You’ve probably heard a thousand times, “Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.” It’s good advice, but the trouble is that many of these people felt they weren’t putting all of their eggs into one basket. They were using multiple sites, thinking they’d be safe if just one of them lost their rankings.

How Much Would It Suck To Loose All Your Ranking And Cash!

Unfortunately, ALL of them lost their rankings!

Not many people were counting on this, and many “article marketers” lost their shirts in the process.

But there’s a business model that is “Google-Proof” that you might want to consider if you haven’t already. It’s information marketing – creating your own info product.

No matter what Google decides to do, your business won’t suffer. You can get traffic to your site from PPC, social marketing, Facebook ads, video marketing, and endless other ways.

Plus, you can have affiliates promote your products for you. Sure, some of them could experience drops in sales because of Google, but your affiliates will be using a wide variety of ways to send traffic.

Some will have email lists, some will use paid marketing, some will use videos, and some will use social marketing. So Google will have very little impact on your business, because you’ll be getting traffic from so many different places!

Information Domination Will Show You How To Beat Google

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